Why all the gods?
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What's with all these self-deliverance sheets?  Why go to all the trouble of chasing down all these demons since the beginning of the world?

Satan's time is short and he knows it.  He is loosing all the "gods" of old for the major final push to defeat Christ and His bride.  The bride of Christ is being taken by surprise by this and could get defeated if we don't counter Satan's new strategy.  Witchcraft, hinduism and sorcery took out one generation in the 70's because we didn't expect it.  Let's not do it again!

I have had to deliver people of at least one "god" from each of the religions represented by these self-deliverance sheets.  That's in the last fifteen years!  Now exorcizing the demons out of objects or nature is easy.  Exorcizing a demon out of a child of Adam that was involuntarily forced upon him or her is easy.  But if a child of Adam has chosen to submit to a demon or demonic advice -- or been forced to by drugs or torture, that permission has to be renounced.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time.  The demon can come back due to the permission.

Renouncing the permissions that give a demon grounds to stay makes deliverance easy and quiet.  In fact the demons often spontaneously leave.  No matter how big the demon, it has to leave when there are no more permissions.

Jesus Christ didn't do it this way.  But Jesus was showing His authority through the Holy Spirit.  If He had done it quietly, the skeptics would have just said He talked the demon into deciding to leave!