Government Deliverance
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political decisions and the occult

I have seen many decisions by church conferences and conventions get 'thrown' by witchcraft. I recall one incident where a priest was ejected by the convention, but no one understood why they did so.

Likewise, spells can be used on a national political level. In 2007, the American Democrats made a major push to shove through an anti-war bill during the next 24 hours. Harry Reid, the Democrat majority whip, brought a Hindu priest in to demonically "bless" congress.  The next week they marshaled the senate & house Democrats, the media Democrats, the internet activist Democrats and the social activist Democrats. 

There could be occult activist Democrats working behind the scenes to throw the outcome using spells on their opposition, the public and the stalwarts. Just to make sure there aren't and that it is a level playing field, we can make sure there aren't any spells in operation during this critical 24 hours.

Christian Spiritual warfare 

"Heavenly Father we pray for:
A. The Unites States Congress. The neighborhood property, the air, the underground, the communications, transportation and utilities. The congress-persons, staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors.
B. Those who have worked or conspired or trained to influence A, directly or indirectly in the last two years. Those who have worked or conspired or trained to influence the political parties, the political workers, the political activists in the last two years. All of their properties.
C. Those who support B, directly or indirectly. All of their properties.
D. All demons and demonic organizations that have affected the above nationally. All the demons sent out by the above, nationally."

The above is designated as: "USA1".

Prayer, Blessing and Deliverance:
E. "I bind all demonic communications around me in Jesus' name.
F. "I bind all the demons of USA1.
G. "I break the empowerment given the demons of USA1 through demon-devotion or demon-inspired behavior.
H. "I bind the demons affecting unbelievers in USA1 to silence & impotence. I command all the rest of the demons and demonic organizations to leave now and go to where the true Lord Jesus would send you. I break up any unrighteous organizations, networks and soul & sex ties.
I. "Heavenly Father, I ask you to draw the people of USA1 to salvation in all areas of their lives: spirit, soul, personalities, body, emotions and generational lineage. Please speak Your Truth to them through visions, dreams and angels.
J. "May Your blessing be upon the people of USA1 and their property. May their hearts grow in spiritual poverty, mourning over their sins and faith in You, leading to transformation to love. May your blessing be upon all who read this post.

"We ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten son of Jehovah, who is my only master and savior. Amen."

Written July 17, 2007
edited: April 19, 2017