Satan`s Activities
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Many years ago, as I read a book called Inside the KGB by Aleksei Myagkov, I found a summary of activities that the KGB was involved in. The KGB was a very satanic organization, showing Satan's activities in a way we are not used to seeing them. The parallels with anti-Christian ideological warfare are only too plain.

Satan puts out disinformation to mislead people, black propaganda to discredit people, and influence operations that attempt to weaken his opponents' establishment from within.

Satan has many front groups which he tightly controls. He works through people here on earth who wish to hide their sins or illegal acts, who are greedy, blackmailed, power-hungry, or who are willing to cooperate due to ideological reasons. These people, however, are generally left in the dark about Satan's organization, objectives, and methods.

Satan's forces are divided into areas and specialties, and their job is to search out likely collaborators, recruiting them, and managing them. They also gather intelligence and coordinate special operations. A high priority target is any organization looking into his operations, plotting counter-strategies, and practicing deliverance.

Satan's goals are to weaken the children of God by undermining their leaders & government, outreach activities, internal activities (fellowship, bible study, and prayer), and moral strength. He tries to create new rifts or exacerbate existing differences in our midst. He tries to discredit our doctrines, the bible, and our representatives in the eyes of the local population and the whole world. He tries to influence the formulation, content and the extent of our policies & ideologies through feeding us disinformation and through covert action by collaborators. He supports 'alternative' anti-Christian ideologies and sentiment among non-Christians.

Satan likes to set up scape-goats for his operations so that any Christian response will be aimed at the wrong target, not hurting his operations, and often making us look bad.

Satan's typical & numerous disinformation or propaganda operations evoke a reaction having impact in limited areas and of only a few weeks or months' duration. The great value of these kind of operations is in its cumulative, long-term effect, much like a cloud of mosquitoes can kill a moose.

For disinformation operations to be successful on the average person, they must at least partly correspond to reality or generally held opinions. A rational core is especially important when the target person is wise and experienced in such matters. Without a considerable degree of plausible, verifiable information and facts, it is impossible to gain his confidence.

Influence operations include the following activities: Single or long-range attempts by highly placed collaborators to influence or subvert a given section or denomination of Christ's church or its policies; encouragement of anti-Christian movements and organizations; and encouragement of false apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.


Satan is a genius who has been around a very long time. Compared to him we are as toddlers. We would only lose if we tried to match wits with him. Our best and only hope is to lean on the wisdom and spiritual insight of God The Holy Spirit, minute by minute through faith in Jesus Christ. Since the knowledge of good & evil is now available due to Adam & Eve, Jesus tells us to be wise as serpents, yet as innocent as doves.

Satan's only power in this world comes from his human agents.  Humans still own the world, but Satan has influence over humans through his lies.  We are to love our neighbors as ourselves and fight the demonic powers & principalities.  Our key tactic for taking back the world from Satan is evangelism and real revivals.

A word of caution. The above covers ideological warfare; it only partly touches the equally large spiritual (fifth dimensional) warfare that is also going on around us.

edited: April 19, 2017