Chartres Labyrinth Buster
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This is a cunning Satanic trap that has been installed in the Christian denominations by Satan.  All these labyrinths are demonized by an occult group called the Keepers of the Labyrinth.  The following is designed to undo all their efforts and the efforts of others like them..

Pray thus:
"I bind all demonic communication around me in Jesus' name."
"Heavenly Father, I present before you:
A.  All charmed labyrinths worldwide. For their walkers and supporters.  For the labyrinth-oriented organizations.  
B.  Their properties, environments, air, water, underground, communications, transportation and utilities. all charms, idols, tattoos and power centers they use or worship or sent out.  All organizational levels they belong to.  All the people and properties of those organizations.
C.  Those who have worked or conspired or trained to influence A or B, directly or indirectly in the last ten years.  All of their environments and properties.  The charms, idols, tattoos and power centers they use or worship or have sent out.  All their organizations, families and friends.  The supporting organizations.  The people of these organizations.
D.  All demons and clusters that have affected or are on or sent out by the above.
E.  Those who empower these demons, directly or indirectly.  Their families and friends.  Their properties and environments.  The charms, idols, tattoos and power centers they use or worship or have sent out.  The demons affecting or on any of E."

Deliverance, Prayer and Blessing:
"I call the above 'LAB1' for convenience"
1.  "By the authority of Jesus I break the human empowerment and assignments given the demons and clusters of LAB1 through demon-devotion behavior, demon-inspired behavior, submission, fastings, blood pacts, covenants and dedications.  I break  all unholy soul & sex ties and networks on these people.  I break all ley lines to these power centers.
2.  I bind the demons affecting the people in LAB1 to silence and impotence.  I command the clusters and all the rest of the demons of LAB1 to leave now and go to where the true Lord Jesus would send you.
3.  Heavenly Father, I ask you to draw the people of LAB1 to salvation in all areas of their lives: spirit, soul, instincts, emotions, families and finances.  Please speak truth to them through visions, dreams, angels, human ambassadors and Bibles.  Please replace Satan's worldviews, identities, attitudes and deceptions with Your truth.
4.  Heavenly Father, we bless you!  May the center of all these Labyrinths be blessed with Your Presence.  May Your blessing be upon the people of LAB1 and their environments & properties.  May their hearts grow in spiritual poverty, trust in you, hope in you and love & wisdom through your power.  May Your blessing be upon all who read this page.  

I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten son of Jehovah, who is my only master and savior. Amen."

Last edited:  26 September 2017