Occult Attack Theory
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I have brought healing and deliverance for countless people for over two decades.  As I ministered, I was in communication with God Almighty as to what to do.  He knows what to do better than I do.  This is a distillation of the wisdom I have received over that time.  His wisdom has made my prayers highly effective.  In fact, my self-deliverance sheets bring a person to freedom quickly without any major manifestations.

The theories on this page are mind-blowing for all but the most mature.

-- Tim Temple

When we come under occult attack, we must use wisdom to defeat it.  Here's basically what's happening:
1.  Satan has no power in himself except the lie.
2.  The sons of Adam were given the world by God and His Word has not changed.  Satan was not given the world.
3.  However, the sons of Adam came under Satan when Adam & Eve submitted to Satan's advice.  When you submit to someone's advice, you indirectly submit to them -- and whoever they submitted to.
4.  They now follow Satan's lies.  Prior submission gives the devil a megaphone in their soul.  Opening themselves to "whatever" allows demons to come in and influence.  People are born with ancestral demons that will influence them from birth.  Lonely children will adopt an invisible playmate to talk with them and give them advice.  In a trauma, the demons will answer the question "why" with doctrines of demons.
5.  These people empower & assign demons to do Satan's will in this world.  They give demons empowerment through worship, sacrifices, dedications, pacts, permissions and submission.  These are the demons that attack us.
6.  Through them, Satan is the king of this world. 

Christians usually just don't understand the sophistication of our opposition.  These people have to be devious and sneaky because we've got the big guns (the Holy Spirit). If we can draw a bead on them, it's all over for them.  But usually, "We have not because we ask not."  We interact with God through His Promises.  No promises, no action from God on our behalf.

Here's what we deal with as exorcists.

Witches send demons for seducing, cursing or demonic blessing.  We may be under attack by demons, but they are sent by the human children of the Devil.  Simply defending yourself from the demons leaves them (2) free to continue the attack in different directions until they find a chink in your armor.  Not good.

Witch Attack Diagram


If you are in an environment where there are idols and other objects (and pets) that have been loaded with demons (6), they will sap you down unless you exorcize everything in your environment.  And do this regularly.  Believe me, anything can be cursed by them.  (And anything can be blessed by us!)

If someone is sending demons to influence you, it is best to:
1.  Break the empowerment & assignments given those demons by the sons of Adam. (2)
2.  bind the demons on them to silence & impotence. (2)
3.  exorcize the demons on their properties, environments and networks (7)
4.  pray blessing and salvation for them and their properties.  Ask God to speak truth to them to break Satan's lies. (2)

If you shut down the attacker (2) and you quickly are back under attack, it doesn't mean your exorcism and prayers didn't work.  There can be someone (4) pumping them back up to make you think you didn't have effect.  There's another layer of people to shut down.  On rare occasion, I have had to deal with backups of backups (5).  They may be part of occult networks (10) that you may need to deal with.  There can be networks supporting this network as well.

If you are dealing with any kind of sophistication, the odds are good they are also coming after other Christians (3) who don't know what's hitting them.  God will bless you for blessing and defending other Christians. (3)

In shamanism, they (2) bring demons into themselves for the sake of gaining occult powers. They are charmed humans.  They do chanting, rattling, dancing, drumming or yoga to go into a trance to bring in more demons.  Their empowered souls will travel through the spirit realm to harass you and the things around you.  You can't cast them out because they are human.  Shut down the demons on them and their property.  When you do, suddenly they are yanked back to their bodies, spiritually blind and powerless.  Then bless them.  They won't do that again!

If a shaman is in front of you, most Christians (that aren't demonized) can sense the evil.  You need to bind the empowerments given their demons to be able to bind the demons to silence & impotence.  We shouldn't cast out the demons in the shamans until the shamans have received Jesus Christ for salvation, repented & renounced.

Shaman Attack Diagram


In demonic religions the followers are recruited to give worship power to a pool of demons that the "priests" can use to do things with.  In Islam the followers give worship power to whatever is in the Qa'aba five times a day that the Imams of Mecca can use to influence people with.  Likewise the Tibetan Buddhism.  Likewise the Native American powwows.  Likewise Hindu Yoga.  Drug traffickers give sacrifices to "Santa Muerta" idols.  Mind-blanking "meditation."  They need Jesus to speak truth to them and you to bless them.  They need 24/7 prayer & deliverance to defeat their 24/7 empowerment of their demons.

Religion Attack Diagram

We must be involved in praying evangelistically for these people who are persecuting us.  The fewer there are, the less power Satan has to come against us with.  However, you can expect Satan to crank up the lies to get you off your vigilance.

Compromised Christians are seduced by the devil to seduce other Christians into sin.  All Christians are compromised to one extent or another to the degree we haven't cooperated with Jesus to sanctify ourselves.  Many Christians who don't walk in divine guidance in all things can accept good-sounding demonic advice -- and submit to the advice giver.  Many Christians are compromised by inheriting generational demons.  Most Christians can accept the influence of demonic spells as coming from within themselves -- and act on those feelings.

The Compromised Christian (2) has swallowed a demonic lie and thereby submitted to the demon's advice, just like Adam & Eve did.  This gives the demons a megaphone to give them more demonic advice.  The demonic advice they get is to:
1.  get into more occult environments and practices to get more demonized.
2.  bring charmed objects into their environments to further demonically influence them
3.  evangelize the demonic advice to other Christians (1 & 3) on the sly.

Christians will pick up unrecognized occult behaviors such as martial arts, Yoga, labyrinth walking and pornography.  In college, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both used automatic writing from demons to get some of their theories in psychology.  Those who submit to that advice will be affected.

I've seen Christian laymen and pastors get into white magic, shamanism, charming, sorcery, Spiritism, demonism, Hinduism, Buddhism, perverted sex, mystery religions, etc.  As the demonic influence grows in their lives, they migrate into more obvious demon inspired behaviors.  But they still carry their Bibles and say, "Praise the Lord!"

I became demonized in a church pew on Sunday morning during the service about 30 years ago.  There were two of us in this pew.  The pastor called for greeting one another.  This fellow came up and said, "Here, let me pray for you," and laid a hand on my shoulder before I could think of stopping him.  He prayed to god in a sotto voce.  That hand laid on my shoulder gave him a soul tie connection to fully demonize me.  I had out-of-character feelings and obsessions from then on.  Months later I finally realized what had happened and cast the demon out of myself.

I had a substitute priest who at the end of the service told everyone that he had a great way of selling houses.  It turned out he was practicing white magic and didn't know it.  Don't pray to St. Joseph statues!

I had a pastor who brought a "Christianized" Hatha Yoga into the church.  When I objected and showed evidence, I was threatened with being kicked out of the church for "divisiveness" if I spoke against it any more.  Well, Jesus was "divisive" in the Temple as well.

To free these Christians:
1. exorcism for whoever influenced them
2. exorcism for anyone they have influenced
3. exorcism for all their properties and environments
4. Prayer & blessing for all these people, properties and environments
5. Then they can be talked to to investigate, confess & renounce the demonic objects and advice they have submitted to.  You can do the same for the demonic influence in their families and generations.

Traumatized Christians are traumatized with abandonment, rejection, ridicule, put downs, rape, bullying, torment, beatings, etc. They are not in a safe environment, so they can't grieve it down.  They stuff the trauma down into their subconscious and go on.  But they can't later get it back out of their subconscious.  A part of their soul is keeping it. This part may also have a demon.  You can't cast the demon out without the permission of this piece of soul. But you can't get at this piece of soul. You can't get it to forgive the wrong.  But God can if you ask Him.

To free these Christians and get rid of the demonic:
1. Ask God to speak love into these traumas.
2. Ask the true Lord Jesus to speak Truth into all the activities of this soul.
3. Confess the sins of this soul.
4. exorcism for any demons that had been harbored by that soul.
5. the soul fragment will merge with the main personality.

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