Side-effects of the Occult
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Upon those subjected to the occult

  1. warping and distortion of character
    1. hard, egoistic persons
    2. uncongenial, dark natures
  2. extreme passions
    1. abnormal sexuality
    2. violent temper, belligerence
    3. tendencies to addiction
    4. meanness and kleptomania
  3. emotional disturbances
    1. compulsive thoughts, melancholia
    2. suicidal thoughts, anxiety states
  4. Possession
    1. destructive urges, fits of mania
    2. tendency to violent acts and crime
    3. inhabitation by demons?
  5. mental illness
  6. bigoted attitude against Christ and God
    1. conscious atheism
    2. simulated piety
    3. indifference to God's word and to prayer
    4. blasphemous thoughts
    5. religious delusions
  7. ghost phenomena at the scene of the action or the home of the occultists, while they are still alive and even after their death.


    Upon those who practice the occult; all the above, including:

    1. frequently, a bad end
      1. suicide
      2. fatal accidents
      3. psychoses
      4. horrible death-bed scenes
    2. curses on the family and descendants
    3. development of involuntary mediumistic abilities

The above summary of symptoms was based upon 600 pastoral cases by Dr. Kurt Koch. It comes from his book, "Christian Counseling and Occultism".