Symptoms of Spiritual Oppression
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Most of these symptoms are not proof of occult oppression since there are other reasons for these conditions.  Several of these symptoms together increase the probability of occult oppression being the cause.  Divine guidance is essential to making a certain diagnosis.

Compulsive Thoughts
Extremely low self-esteem (unworthy, a failure, no good)
Constant confusion in thinking
Inability to believe, even when the person wants to
Mocking and blasphemous thoughts toward preaching / teaching the Word of God
Perception distortions -- seeing anger or hostility in others when it doesn't really exist
Horrible nightmares
Violent thoughts (suicide, self abuse, murder, etc.)
Compulsive Feelings
Hatred and bitterness toward others for no justifiable reason
Tremendous hostility when encountering someone experienced in exorcism
Deep depression and despondency (frequent and long)
Irrational fears & panic (phobias)
Irrational anger & rage
Irrational guilt & self-condemnation (extreme)
Compulsive Behavior
Desire to do right but unable to carry it out
Sudden personality and attitude changes (great contrasts)
Strong aversion toward Bible reading and prayer (especially one-on-one)
A dark countenance
steely or hollow look in the eyes
dilation or contraction of the pupils
sometimes facial features will contort or change
inability to look at you directly
Lying compulsively, often wondering why
Stealing compulsively
Drinking  and drugging compulsively
Eating compulsively -- bulimia or anorexia nervosa
Compulsive sexual sins (especially perversions)
Irrational laughter
Irrational crying
Irrational violence -- compulsion to hurt self or someone else.  Cutting oneself
Sudden speaking of a language not previously known by the subject
Extreme restlessness
Uncontrollable mocking tongue
Vulgar language and actions
Consciousness problems
Loss of time from minutes to hours.  (Ending up somewhere, not knowing how you got there.)
Extreme sleepiness around spiritual things
Demonstration of extraordinary abilities (like E.S.P. or telekinesis)
Voices heard in the mind (they mock, intimidate, accuse, threaten or bargain)
The subject speaks of himself or herself in the third person or in the plural
Supernatural experiences around him or herself like hauntings, moving of objects, knocking, etc.
Abnormal Medical Problems
Seizures (too long or too regular)
Pain without any explanation, especially in head or stomach
Physical ailments that may be immediately alleviated by command
Sudden interference with bodily functions
temporary buzzing in the ears
inability to speak or hear
hypersensitivity to hearing or touch
sudden chills or overheating of body
dryness in mouth
numbness in arms or legs

If you have out-of-character thoughts, feelings, fantasies or obsessions and nothing traumatic has happened when they began, this is a clear indication of another personality in your soul.  It is worth doing a general deliverance to see if that resolves it.  See if you might have gotten yourself in occult situations that could have brought something in.  You might have been involved in occult things in the past that left a back door open to your soul, even if you no longer do them.  If so, you may need to do a self-deliverance for that activity. 

If your ancestors were involved in the occult, you would have inherited those demons through no action on your part.  But they are yours now.  Use the above pages to get yourself clean.

If an occult group is targeting you with regular demonic attacks, they need deliverance, prayer and blessing to stop them.  You don't need to know their names to dispatch the angels to deal with them.

edited: 04/19/2017