Autism vs Aspergers
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Differences between Aspergers and Autism

Asperger's Syndrome                                                                     Autism                  

Later, gradual onset.  First evidence is around five years old Sudden onset at an early age after a neurotoxin.
higher average I.Q. than normal lower average I.Q. than normal
No language deficit. Often fails to develop spoken language
Problems with body language communication Problems with non-verbal communication
Clumsiness in basic motor skills Tends to be adept at basic motor skills
Smart enough to know something's different or wrong Totally self-centered
Genetic.  An ancestry trail of Aspergers can be mapped. Any autism  in their ancestry is purely random
They can learn to socially adapt with good books. They can be healed through chelation.

Unfortunately, Aspergers can also get hit with a neurotoxin like anyone else.  Thus they can end up with a mix of both traits.