Aspergers Rant
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Homo Saps always like to think they are the smartest, most advanced humans, despite Homo Neanderthals having a bigger brain and being stronger. This is racism! It is also absurd because most humans on earth are part Neanderthals! 

Since the DNA mapping of pure Neanderthals, scientists have found some of these genes in all humans except some people in the middle of darkest Africa. Yes, the only pure Homo "Sapiens" are negroid and living in primitive conditions.

The highest concentration of Neanderthal genes are found in the Basque region of France & Spain -- and in Silicon valley. People with Asperger's syndrome have more Neanderthal genes. The scientists, engineers, artists, musicians and geniuses are hybrids with a higher percentage of Neanderthal. 

Those with a higher percentage of "Sapiens" love chatting together and watching soap operas. They are very good at guile and running. They have a stronger sense of empathy and naturally reading body language. They are also good at talking the pants off the women. That may be their greatest survival skill.

The "Sapiens" can talk their way into leadership and human resources departments, where they prefer to hire people like themselves. When the corporation gradually loses its Neanderthals, it dies of mediocrity.

The variety of genes in the human gene pool create people who are naturally different and can't be "nurtured" to become homogeneous in our behavior and thinking. Our society has to become tolerant of our genetic liabilities and nurturing of our genetic assets. Stop the Sapiens bullies from pounding on the Neanderthal kids!