Science and Christ
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Science and Christ

I swear, I'm surrounded by Christian Luddites.

 I have used a scientific method with prayer to God through Jesus Christ,  based upon the wisdom I have received from the Holy Spirit. I have learned God works on our behalf, if we ask according to His will (1 John 5:14,15). If we ask and don't get God's "peace" as guidance, stop asking and ask for guidance for what to do.

The source of faith comes from The rhema/word of His gifts and the Logos/word in the Bible, not by my own trying to "believe" hard enough. Belief in God's word of guidance as small as a mustard seed is big enough for us to ask and receive (Matt. 17:20).

The scientific method is based upon experiments that are made more believable by repeating them, isolating them from outside interference and verifying them by writing them down. Experimenting with answered prayer is difficult on all three points. But the scientific method today depends upon increased probability instead of certainty. We can't be certain other Christians aren't praying, Satanists aren't cursing, medical measures aren't being used, etc. If the subject is fighting for his life, we can't restrict what they may try.

Here is a Christian prayer experiment by an MD in Silver Springs.

Hindu priests say that since we are all part god, we can use our demi-god powers by believing something into being in the universe. This doesn't work for Hindu priests or Christian pastors. It only gets them into trouble.

The Christian Luddites say that God is absolutely sovereign, so he can do anything or nothing, according to His own reasons, regardless of whether we pray or not. The Bible tells us to pray, so we go through the motions. However it turns out, the Bible says God's ways are always loving and advance His will. Who can question God? If you pray for 40 days with fasting and the object of your prayers dies anyway, God in His love did it for His own reasons that we will understand only when we get to heaven, since we can't find out God's will here. There is no lesson to be learned from this incident. "It would be blasphemy to question God." Telling them that God will heal that condition every time if you ask right, shakes this whole logical construct. They get angry at you for shaking their version of Christianity.

The answer comes from divine guidance, according to the first paragraph. If the Bible is the only guidance we seek, how do we know we are interpreting it correctly? If we ask another Christian for 'guidance', how can we know if they speak from the Holy Spirit, a demon, a seminary professor or just from out of their own understanding?

We need to seek the Face of the Lord ourselves with humility and repentance to hear from Heaven (2 Chron.7:14). Let the Peace of Christ rule in our hearts (Col. 3:15). As a fall-back, verify your guidance with those who are godly and not vested in the outcome of the decision.

edited: April 19, 2017