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Buddhist Shaolin

Gary DeVeau <gdeveau(at)> writes:

Shao Lin or Shaolin refers to a form of Chinese martial arts. (Think David Carradine and the TV show Kung Fu - a.k.a. "Ghongfu")

From this website we read, 
"Students who sincerely wish to learn the Chinese martial arts are invited to come to northern China and learn all levels of traditional shaolin martial arts from disciples of the famous northern Song Shan mountain temple protection monks. If desired, students may optionally learn Wudang mountain area style Kung fu and Tai chi chuan (Tai ji quan), or slow Qi gong."

Then from this site:
We read,
"The treasures of the Shao-Lin Temple were called the five chuans. Chuan designates a fighting form (ex: tai chi is a philosophy but tai chi chuan is a self defense form based on the tai chi philosophy)."

All of this depends upon role playing and mind-blanking, just the sort of thing to give demons control, so they can give the practitioner extra strength and agility.  But it also means that any Christian can freeze the demons and control the practitioner.

edited: April 21, 2017