Shamanism / Yoga
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Shamanism is the most elementary of all demonic religions.  All the other demonic religions have Shamanist elements in them.  The demons bribe them to submit to them for knowledge, power and prestige.  Eventually, the demons change that over to extortion to enslave them.  It is a sick codependence where the humans empower them through worship and the demons use the power to further enslave them.  The demons' ultimate goal is to drag as many humans to hell as they can.  The humans are helpless against these wiser and more powerful demons.  Any bargain would always be in the demons' favor.

Understanding Shamanism
The force and power they use
Shaman self-deliverance
save people from Shamanism

The Yoga branch of Shamanism
Removing Kundalinis
Christ vs. Yoga
Praise Moves alternative to Yoga

The Kri-ya Yoga branch of Shamanism
Removing Kriyas

The Rei-Ki branch of Shamanism
Rei-Ki self-deliverance

The Shaolin branch of Shamanism
The Tai Chi branch of Shamanism
The Voodoo branch of Shamanism
The Powwow branch of Shamanism

Buddhism Branch of Shamanism information
Buddhism vs. Hinduism
Buddhist self-deliverance

The Hindu Branch of Shamanism information
Hinduism Information
Hindu self-deliverance

American Indian Branch of Shamanism
Powwow self-deliverance


edited: April 21, 2017