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Anil Stephen <mstephen(at)pacific.net.hk> writes:

Tai chi is essentially a form of divination and has its roots in Taoism.  Here are some links that will give you more information



The practical exercises of Tai Chi are also situated in a wider philosophical context of Taoism. This is a reflective, mystical 
Chinese tradition first associated with the scholar and mystic Lao Tsu, an older contemporary of Confucius. He wrote and taught in the 
province of Honan in the 6th century B.C. and authored the seminal work of Taoism, the Tao Te Ching. As a philosophy, Taoism has many elements but fundamentally it espouses a calm, reflective and mystic view of the world steeped in the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Tai Chi also has, particularly amongst eastern practitioners, a long connection with the I Ching a Chinese system of demonic divination. There are associations between the 8 basic I Ching trigrams plus the five elements of Chinese alchemy (metal, wood, fire, water and earth) with the thirteen basic postures of Tai Chi created by Chang San-feng.  There are also other associations with the full 64 trigrams of the I Ching and other movements in the Tai Chi form.

"Andrew McIntosh" <andrew.david.mcintosh(at)xtra.co.nz> writes:

In broad terms there are two categories of martial arts, Wei Chia (outer-extrinsic) school of exercise, by which is meant all the schools of kung fu and other martial art forms, which take an 'external' approach. This is in contrast to the Nei Chia (internal-intrinsic) school of which Tai Chi is a member, that take a fundamentally 'internal' approach. 


"Four Steps to Reach the Tai Chi State 
1. Empty mind of all thought (Wu Chi). 
2. Flat feet to evoke image of the earth (Yang).
3. Evoke image of the sky by saying “the spirit of vitality, or shen reaches to the top of the head” (Yin) 
4. Relax totally aiming to throw open every bone and muscle of the body. This allows Chi (known as life force or vital energy) to descend into the tan tien (The Taoists call this, the psychic centre of the soul which is located 7cm below the navel and is said to store the intrinsic chi) thus creating a balance of yin and yang referred to as Tai Chi.

1.  When a person empties the mind of all conscious thought they’re in reality giving up control over their own mind! If a person has no control over their own mind then they have no way of knowing whether what they are experiencing is external or internal in origin, or whether the experience is either good or bad. In reality they are opening themselves up to demons. 
2.  When a person evokes the image of the earth, and invokes the spirit of vitality (or Shen) to touch the top of their head they are engaging in witchcraft. Shen is a false god (mythical water dragon) common to China. 
3.  In the final step the individual allows the demons under the guise of external Chi to descend into the psychic (divination) centre of the soul, thus completing the demonization process. 

In Matthew 12: 29, Jesus speaking on his power over demons says “Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can rob his house.” Or put another way the Tai Chi practitioner (strong man), opens up their house (body), robbers (demons) are then able to enter, bind up the owner, and carry off their possessions."

The above excerpts come from a report that by God's Grace alone I wrote on this subject. Some excerpts have been included in Dr Selwyn Stevens book, which I heartily recommend entitled "Insights into Martial Arts, Tai Chi, TM & Yoga".


The website includes a prayer on how to pray for people who need release from the spiritual consequences of the martial arts.

Another excellent book related to this subject is called "Taming the tiger" by Tony Anthony a former 3x world kung fu champion who has been dramatically saved and now serves the Lord as an evangelist. Reads like a Nicky Cruz "Run baby run" book!

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