Death of the Dollar
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Death of the Dollar

America's currency, the Dollar, has been printed into the trillions, far beyond what it can stand - except there are foreigners who buy up the Dollar as a way of storing wealth.  They don't understand what is going on in America. The Jewish Rothschilds have been milking America ever since our war of independence.  They hate Christianity in America and has done what it could to wipe it out.

in 2008, they chose a misfit to put into the American presidency so he would not be sympathetic to put America and its Christians into slavery. A homosexual, druggie, hypnotist, Communist Muslim.  The Rothschilds needed an enslaved America to defend and promote their Israel.

But who they chose was a Muslim who acted like a Communist.  Muslims have always hated Jews since the Jewish community in Medina laughed at Mohammed and his silly religion.  The Muslims also hate the Jewish country, Israel.  But they had given this misfit dictatorial powers in America.  He controls the American armed forces.  He has been building a huge Jihadist, Muslim army to destroy Israel.  The monster the Rothschilds have loosed has come back to bite them.

As American billionaires leave America, they find ways to take their monetary value out of the country, deflating the Dollar. Suddenly, the Rothschilds have to inflate the Dollar by pouring trillions into the American economy to keep it alive for the sake of Israel. Otherwise, America and its economy would have died in 2012.   But the financial transactions in America have become mostly transacting debt!  The word is out on Wall Street that the American Dollar could totally die in three hours flat, leaving nothing behind.

The America is a first world nation.  If the Dollar died, it would suddenly be a third world nation with everyone rioting, robbing and stealing from each other for what little there is.  Anarchy. Barter is almost unknown.  This is where the Christians whom the Rothschilds despise would be vital.  Their prayers to the God of the Jews are essential to keep this rickety mess going.  Please Pray for America.

Barter is the most primitive form of economy. It can only be done if you have an excess of supplies that people need and in variety.  Americans need to let people know they have a few items and a way to defend them.  Americans need to live in more than single families in their dwellings, so some can go out and get supplies while some can stay home & defend it.

Later, precious foreign currencies and metals will be very valuable, but not during the anarchy stage.  The Chinese currency, the Yuan, will be very valuable. The Chinese have a lot of gold to back their money.  They have been buying properties in western America. Please Pray for China.


edited: October 06, 2017