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Latest update:  October 01, 2017

September 2017
added "pray for familia" for the richest people on Earth

August 2017
added "healing pride" .  Jesus considered it important.

July 2017
modified the healing pages for improved effectiveness.
added recommended youtube sources, Derek Prince, Frank Hammond, Rebecca-Brown and Don Basham
added "Celtic" family of demons for removal to our prayers for things.
modified "we-believe".

May 2017
added God's perspective on blessings and curses
added Jewish Kabbalists and Jewish Talmudists who oppose God and Jesus.

April 2017
added Dealing with the Dead
added Blessing and Cursing

March 2017
added Gnostic religion they use.
added Internet Seduction.

February 2017
added witchcraft attack on American president Trump as of 11:59 PM, EST, February 24, 2017. Deliverance included.
added Sidonian, Moabite and Ammonite demon-clusters they use.

January 2017
added Lucifer, the Jesuit religion they use.

December 2016
added Roman and Etruscan demon-clusters to deliverance.

November 2016
interceding for the American presidential election - a moment of decision for America
modified deliverances to deal with families of demons - the Hindu, Babylonian, Masonic, Masonic, Egyptian, Voodoo, Phoenician,  Norse, Canaanite, Philistine, Arabian, Atlantean,  Semitic, Jewish neo-pagan, animism and astrolatry demons.
added Khazar demon-clusters to deliverance.
added Subud, the cult religion that Obama has been a member of since childhood.

October 2016
President Obama gave the internet to the United Nations on the 1st.  They will gradually get rid of internet freedom they disagree with - like this website.  Last chance to download this website.

September 2016
added numerous demon names for deliverances - "Gaias, Osiris', Apollos, Dianas, Semiramis', Nimrods, Tammuz's, Anubis', Sekhmets', Neiths, Neheb-Kaus, Isis', Menthus', Ras, Seths, Horus', Ammuts and Set-Hens."
added Angel Accounts
added culture reducing women to concubines to Christians & Sex
backed out the cure for Parkinsons until after the American presidential election.
changed the name of Catholic Holy Water to Christian Holy Water.

August 2016
added breaking Mandalas and unrighteous family ties in numerous prayers.
added Jewish generational healing prayer
added Masonic generational healing prayer

July 2016
added Healing for Parkinson's disease (in process)
added Eating Pets in emergency

June 2016
updated pray for Britain; the Brexit passed!

May 2016
added the Death of a Pre-born Baby
added Papal Catholics
added Brain Change
modified pray for Christians, pray for Christianity, pray for world, pray for schools, pray for America and pray for Russia.

April 2016
added rewiring of brains to relations and self-deliverance pages

March 2016
added "Aum" to Yoga

February 2016
additions to radiation and Hinduism topics

January 2016
added Cancer in Oceans general information
modified cancer-prevent
added Radiation Sickness and Fukushima
added Atheist attacks on Christians

December 2015
updated Drive by Praying to stop Kundalinis
added Kriya Yoga used by fake charismatics

November 2015
added stopping MCR-1 Plasmids that turn bacteria immune from all vaccines

October 2015
added The five-fold Gifts for church ministry
added Pray for The Illuminati
added Pray for all of Christianity

September 2015
added Martial Arts information
added Faith Healing Heresy

August 2015
added Holy Spirit and churches

added Buddhist index
added Buddhist branches, especially Mahayana, the anti-Christian branch

July 2015
added Removing Kundalinis & Chakras
added Marriages made in Hell
added National Revival

June 2015
added the healing of Alzheimer's disease

May 2015
added the compatibility of science and Christ.
added Judeo-Christian cults.
added mixing Hinduism with Christianity - a source of evil.
added Sneak Attacks I have seen.

April 2015
upgraded Pray for Iran due to American President giving them nuclear capabilities and their vow to destroy America.
added How the Iranians intend to destroy America.
modified the webpages to comply with Google's compatibility rules for smart phones.

March 2015
added Cancer Prevention which is quick & easy.
added what the Thorn in the Flesh means.
added the Cloward - Piven Marxist agenda.
added healing vs. science.
added the martyrdom of Polycarp.
modified numerous prayers to deal with Kundalinis and the breathing they use to draw demons.

February 2015
added cancer lies by doctors.

rather busy modifying pages for ministry and ministering.

October 2014
heightened emergency preparedness and pandemic pages for Ebola.
changed "Constantinian Church"  to "Church History" as a more popular name

September 2014
added healing pandemics.
added why Churches Decline
added prayer & deliverance booklets

July 2014
Rearranged the first page
added Yoga information from Rev. Ed Hird
added Christians & Sex from Rev. Joby Martin
been helping an addict straighten out.
de-geekify autoimmune-healing

June 2014
added trauma-aid and unstacking Kundalinis in the intercessions.

February 2014
still modifying Trauma Aid

January 2014
added "Goetia" self-deliverance
overhauled Wesleyan covenant renewal page.

December 2013
added Trauma stress healing prayer
autoimmune diseases still isn't getting hits ... strange

November 2013
added Getting Signs and Wonders
added Traumatized Christians into Occult Attack Theory

October 2013
added Pray for Aspergers.
added Healing Bad Chromosomes

September 2013
added How to facilitate a meeting.
added Healing Autoimmune Diseases.
added Can Christians have Demons?
added Jesus heals PTSD.
merged codependency, PTSD and MPD.
added Church Service Blessing
added PTSD prayer on all prayer pages.
added Borderline Personality Disorder

August 2013
consolidated guidance links on the main page
Still updating the intercession pages in /salt/
added Tai Chi self-deliverance.
added 80 autoimmune diseases to that page; it just wasn't getting hits.

July 2013
added dirt and water cleanup (it is old, but it ought to be out there)
added Christians and warfare
modified intercession pages in /salt/ to divinely bless sources of wisdom and weapons.

June 2013
added Medical Malpractice

May 2013
added pray for Bilderbergers.
changed Healing Autoimmune Syndromes to include Celiac as an example.

April 2013
major prayer times for Christians worldwide and America
added Pray for Russia
added How to Protect Yourself against Demonic Spirits
added Satan Flees in Jesus' name
added Baby Blood minority vs. dirty blood majority
added Vaccines and Infertility

March 2013
added prayer for counterfeits pretending to be Christians
major prayer times for Christians and America
overhaul of intercession index

February 2013
major prayer times for Christians worldwide and America
added Healing Autoimmune Syndromes
added Clear and Present Danger happening in February

January 2013
added "entertainments" into intercessory prayers.
added pray for Movie Production
added God's promises

December 2012
added trauma & violence linked
added Humanism Information
added Pray for Schools
added Good Grief

November 2012
added Exorcism Hotline Established.
added Prayer Group Wisdom.
added Anti-Christian Times, preparing for government persecution.
added Christian Meditation debunking

October 2012
added Making Catholic Holy Water
made a facebook page and added code to the first page to "like"

September 2012
added the Battle of Bill M.
added the Word of God debate

August 2012
updated Making Blessed Oil
added making Healing Prayer Shawls
added Pray for a corporation

June 2012
added Pray for China

May 2012
added Evangelistic prayer for cities and used it immediately for Chicago. 
modified Evangelistic prayer for United Methodist denomination during the battle for their quadrennial conference.
modified Labyrinth Buster while a labyrinth was being used at the above conference.
added Pray for Australia

March 2012
added Was Jesus a Humanist?
added Japan and Cancer

February 2012
added Can We Lose our Salvation?
modified all the evangelistic prayers to give emphasis to defeating hypnosis. A hypno-robot was sent to our church to hypnotize Christians out of their faith.  No joke.

January 2012
added a separate Marxist Information on the first page.
added Ireland and the Republic of Philippines to prayer list.

December 2011
added Silver colloid disinfectant
added avoiding poisons

November 2011
added Prayer for the World

September 2011
added the story of Mother Teresa
added the Healing of Generations
added Godliness vs Wickedness
added Health Repair from bad diet
added obstacles to prayer for healing

August 2011
Updated all the intercession pages.
added the Chartres Labyrinths to the intercession page.

July 2011
Rearranged the first page
added a front page link to Judaism and Kabbalah

May 2011
added The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry
added Muslim Atrocities
added Abiding in Christ
added teaching on The Trinity
added intercession for Hinduism and Hindus (includes Islam)

April 2011
During the last six months:
added Vampires and Werewolves
added Hindu roots of Islam
added several more intercession pages
made a separate protestant deliverance section
Made a separate Aspergers section
added evidence that Aspergers is simply Neanderthal genes being expressed
added Do Humans have souls

added Making & using blessed oil & holy water

Been rather busy offering prayer, deliverance & blessing for neighborhoods, nations and religions.

September 2010
added prayer for Shamans, Buddhists, Yogis, diviners and sorcerers

August 2010
added several more stories.
added several more intercession pages
added a big one, The Gifts and Authority of the Holy Spirit
added How People Learn

June 2010
added most of the Upton Deliverance Course

May  2010
The Lord told me to change over to Ubuntu Linux.
After several Windows crashes and failures to get it going again, I agreed.
Fixed some bad paragraphs in reasons.htm

April 2010
rearranged the columns in the first page.

March 2010
added self-deliverance for Palo Mayombe
added Exorcism of the Vatican and organized an Exorcism sub-section
added intercessory prayer for Morocco -- just in time to give to missionaries to Morocco!

January 2010
added intercessory prayer for Haiti
added Freeze Defense

December 2009
Realized each stage of our lives creates a "persona" that needs sanctification and deliverance.  Changed some prayer pages.
added Prayer for Intercessors  
added Prayer and deliverance for North Korea

November 2009
added What is Exorcism.
added Prayer Ministry Sanitation
added Immediate Circle of friends and family prayer for protection.
added self-deliverance for Root Work, Hoodoo, Conjure and Voodoo.

September 2009
added Kids Going Bad  -- how to bring them back through prayer
added my theory of Spiritual Power.
added Spell Binders to current events.
added Rev. John Wesley's covenant service to counter President Obama's "I Pledge."
added a printable version of the above.

August 2009
added a special prayer for children.
added sanctification of sub-personalities
finished Christ vs Yoga, introducing Christ to Yogis.

July 2009
added Financial Planning
added Symptoms of Spiritual Oppression

June 2009
upgraded Occult Attack to include all forms of attack.
added prayer for Germany.
added prayer for Iran.
added a book review for The Shack

May 2009
added the search of the Bible for "one another", what we Christians owe each other.  Be surprised.
added a search of the New Testament for "each other" that we Christians owe each other.
added prayer for Britain.
added prayer for United Europe.

April 2009
added Pandemic precautions
added to the Oil Disruption that is still coming
embellished upon the page on Satan.
Added Satan People 

March 2009
added the African Bible Study to the teaching section

February 2009
added Yahoo Babel Fish to various pages.

January 2009
added the Guises of Islam

December 2008
added Delivrans Pèsonèl Anba Vodou
added 14 pages to the Relationships Section
added Satan's Typical Activities
added Islam vs the Gospel
added How to Evangelize Hindus

November 2008
added America`s Future
added the tactics of occult attack

October 2008
joined Webring.com
added Prayer for Cancer

September 2008
added war stories section
added "Salt & Light" section

August 2008
added "tag cloud" to war.htm and teaching.htm
added scientific study on healing prayer
added Meet Our New Masters
added Pray for the American Elections

July 2008
added Ghosts Among Us (for spice)
added What about the Rapture?
updated Current Events

June 2008
added Does Science disprove healing prayer?

February 2008
added Islam information page

January 2008
put a Hindu Information Index on the front page.
added a definition of the psychological condition of Altered States
added Constantine`s Church by Francis MacNutt
added Shamanism information and Shamanism self-deliverance

December 2007
added Spiritual Warfare, Intercession and a Closer Walk by Diana Clancy

November 2007

added Which god?, the way to tell a counterfeit Christian.
added Global Warming to the current affairs page
added Oil Crash impending disaster and what to do about it.
added Hinduism & Buddha, comparing and contrasting these demonic religions.
added Hindu-branches, showing the various morphings of these demonic religions.
added Islam-oriented outreach.

October 2007
added God Blesses Obedience
added Government Deliverance for keeping the federal government from being affected by evil
added a page comparing essential Hinduism to Christianity 
added The Economic Collapse that will be happening soon.

September 2007
added Yoga which is a form of Hindu worship.

August 2007
added Vodun religions explanation to teaching section

July 2007
added the Current Events section and added Medicine and Satan
added God Repented
added Church Defense

June 2007
added Occult Obstacles to Deliverance
added Five Front War

May 2007
Expanded the Principles of War into a series of web pages with notes.
Added a blog to the website.
added Social Obstacles to Healing Prayer

March 2007
added Targeting for improved effectiveness in our prayers and deliverances.  "You have not because you ask not."

February 2007
added Practical Sanctification
added Multi-Dimensional God for those who can't understand the Trinity.
added The Principles of War
added critique of Needless Casualties of War

December 2006
added Why doesn't God answer prayer?
added teaching on defeating Islam with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
added a Grecian self-deliverance sheet, after having to deliver a woman of a Greek god.
added Repentance for blessing and occult defense.

November 2006
added an entry on how Faith and Healing relate.
added teaching on Saint Patrick's church model that converted Ireland -- and saved civilization.

October 2006:
Added a teaching about occultists demonizing the ground and water.
Changed the Spiritual Cleanup page to deal with these demons.

July 2006:
added a page called "seducers" that is about occult attacks on churches.
added Rei-Ki teaching and self-deliverance sheets in the warfare section.  This practice is spreading in the church.
The Order of Saint Patrick has dissociated itself with the Episcopal church and has affiliated with the United Methodist church.

June 2006:
The murder rate in Jacksonville Florida became rather high, so I decided to publish my Drive-by Prayer sheet for everyone to use.  I have used it successfully to clean up the neighborhoods around  two churches that were under attack by occultists.  One of them had several apartment complexes full of witches just two blocks away.  So said one witch from these apartments who became a Christian.

April 2006:
The Da Vinci Code books have been selling in large quantities for about three years.  This month the movie will come out, converting numerous people.  It is a fictional story presenting the Gnostic religion as the secret, real Christian religion that has been ruthlessly suppressed by the Roman Catholic church.  This brings the Gnostic religion out in the open.  We Christians need to respond quickly while the ideas are percolating into our society.

March 2006:
Discovered why circular labyrinths have caused occult oppression.  There is a New Age organization who is charming the center of them.  Made up a deliverance sheet to stop them.  Learned about occult networks in so doing.

July 2005:
Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince comes out.  These fictional books give kids the pattern for incantations and the names of real demons.  The witch community is apprehensive about this series, because they recognize the real spells and demons that are being given to children.  The witch community as a rule don't teach witchcraft to minors who would tend to use it irresponsibly.

added a webpage on Gnostic "Christianity" that is often misnamed 'liberalism' and 'Humanism'.

The Roman Catholics start up a course called, "Exorcism 101", to teach about Satanism, demonic possession and exorcism.  Really.

02/10/2005:  The website is opened.  The healing Order of St. Luke is no longer valid for promoting healing.  It neglects Jesus' equally large deliverance ministry.  Further, New Agers are infiltrating the movement.  Time for Saint Patrick!