Cleanup Sheet

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This is the instruction sheet for the prayer minister who is helping the client or the client by himself going through either the occult checklist or the sins checklist.

If you have days:

  1. Have the client read through the checklist, circling everything that they have been involved in. Keep an ear out for other things that are occult but are not on the checklist.

  2. Go through the following steps for each of the items circled.

    1. The client says: “I confess ______________ as sin.”

    2. The client renounces:

      1. I renounce ________________ and all of the effects that it has had on my body, my mind, my soul and my spirit. I renounce all the effects that (it) has had on my will, relationships with other people, with myself and you, God. Deliver me from every curse of it, every indulgence in thinking about it and every demon spirit behind it. I declare that (it) will have no more place in me nor any more power over me by the Power of the Blood of Jesus.”

    3. The client prays for healing:

      1. Thank you, Jesus, for setting me free from its power. Now, fill me with Your Holy Spirit in all of the places that (it) has been occupying in my life, my emotions and my being. Father, heal me from the destruction (it) has caused to my flesh, soul, spirit and relationships. Bring me to holiness in all those areas.” “Amen.”

  3. At the end, pray for the client to be cut free from all the negativity they have faced.

If you have an hour:

  1. The client reads through the list, circling what applies to them.

  2. For each:

    1. the client confesses it as sin.

    2. The client renounces any practices or permissions given.

    3. Absolution:

      1. The client claims the promise of 1 John 1:9 or

      2. the minister (after making sure it is completely confessed & renounced) says, “By the authority of God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son, you are forgiven as if it had never been.”

  3. at the end, the client prays that the Holy Spirit would fill all these areas in their lives and cover them with the Blood of protection.

Last update: April 21, 2017