Upton Course
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Rev. Wayne and Barbara Upton ministered in Southern Baptist churches for fifty years.  During that time their daughter, Loree, was born handicapped.  The circumstances appeared too supernatural and demonic to be explained otherwise.  After much study in dealing with demons, they became secretly involved in delivering brethren from demonic bondages. 

They have recently retired due to old age and infirmity, so it doesn't matter who knows what they were doing on the side.  Their material has languished -- until now.

Here's a Deliverance Training Manual they never got around to using.

The Evaluation Form for demonic problems.

The Ten Commandments list.

Occult Checklist

Here's a prayer for Confession and Salvation.

Here's a prayer to renounce the sins and old nature that holds us back.

Here's a prayer to clean up multiple personalities or personas.

Here's a crisis deliverance page.  OSP doesn't approve all of it, but it is useful.

Using the Peace of God as guidance.

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