Protestant Deliverance
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Why do Christians prefer to avoid deliverance, even though Jesus did it all the time? 

  1. The world always give publicity to deaths during "exorcism" anywhere around the world
  2. People who do that are kinda deranged & strange, unlike me
  3. It's a gift of the Holy Spirit that I don't have (& don't want).
  4. Don't go chasing demons behind every bush (like some people do).
  5. It's dangerous and can get violent
  6. It scares me.
  7. The Bible says exorcists can go to hell
  8. Satan will come get you if you attack him


1.  Satan runs the world including the news media. Exorcism is the only way Satan and his demons can be defeated.
2.  Satan runs the world including Hollywood.  In Hollywood's stories, Satan makes sure Christians appear deranged.
3.  Deliverance is not a "Gift of the Holy Spirit."  Deliverance is automatically available to anyone who receives Jesus into their heart.
4.  The demons in demonized people draw them to sites where there are more demons like horror movies and haunted houses.  They want to totally bind up their human host with as many demons as possible.
5.  It can be dangerous but only if you don't command any possible demons to do no harm to anyone before you start.
6.  Do you hear voices telling you to avoid or hate people who are experienced exorcists?  You may need their services.
7.  Matthew 7:13-23 points out that our salvation is based upon having a lively faith that causes us to bear the fruit of love.  If our faith fails to bear fruit but only deeds and gifts, we are in danger.  Work out your salvation with fear and trembling!
8.  You would be out for special attention by Satan's people and demons because you have become dangerous to his kingdom.  You do need to learn how to defend yourself and bless those who try to influence you.  That's what this website is all about.

Why bother using deliverance, anyway?

  1. There are some things that can't be healed by prayer without a LOT of prayer and fasting.  I mean 40 days worth of prayer versus 2 minutes of exorcism.  The Old Testament patriarchs would have LOVED to have that authority, but they did not.
  2. There is no harm to try it in all circumstances, just to make sure.  If there aren't any demons, well, nothing happens!
  3. Occultists, New Agers and witches sometimes get bigger demons than they know what to do with.  They will come to us for deliverance.

edited:  June 30, 2017