Healing of Generations
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Christian Healing of Generations

A Christian medical missionary to China was forced to face a world of full of ancestor worship and real demons.  He started seeing what we call psychoses be healed with prayer.  He saw a multitude of people healed by prayer alone when he was in a Japanese concentration camp.  When he came back to England, he devoted his life to the curing of psychiatric illness through divine guidance.  He spent ten years in general practice and twenty-five years as a psychiatrist.  During that time he devised unorthodox but effective treatment methods.  Since he was an Anglican priest, everything came back to the Eucharist (communion) service.

Blessings from God flow through every family, but since the fall of Adam and Eve, the curse of sin have touched every family. Those who came before us provide us with an inheritance. Just as physical characteristics are passed from generation to generation (such as your mother's eyes or dad's nose), so too are patterns of behavior (creativity, stubbornness, etc.), illnesses, and spiritual effects. Our spiritual inheritance is based on the obedience and sins of our ancestors and the effects of these blessings and curses on the present generation. (See Exodus 20:5-6; Deuteronomy 27-29; 2 Kings 17:7-14; Lamentations 5:7; Matt. 23:29-38).

In Lamentations 5:7 it states: "Our forefathers have sinned and are now dead, and we bear their punishment." In Matthew 23:29-38, Jesus condemns the Pharisees for claiming their ancestors' righteousness and thereby claiming their curses as well. The Healing of the Family Tree is directed to lifting this punishment or bondage of body, mind or spirit.

There is a distinction between sin and the effects of sin. Only original sin not personal sin inherited, as Paul teaches in Romans 5:12. But the Bible teaches that sin's counterpart, the effects of sin punishment in the form of suffering, illness; inclination toward sinful habits, addictions, etc. can be inherited.  When we go to be with Jesus, all inherited sin and its consequences will be washed away. (Jer.31:29; Ezek. 18:2; Rev. 22:3)  But we need to be freed now, so we can be fruitful for the Lord.

Here is a testimonial by Rev. Patricia Smith about this process.

Here is the Family Tree form and instructions  used in the services.  It should be filled out before the service.

The Falls Church - Anglican Generational Service can be done by a layman.

The Anglican Ceremony of Healing Generations is traditionally celebrated with a priest. 

A generational prayer for yourself.
A Jewish generational prayer for yourself.
A Masonic generational prayer for yourself.

Basically, at its most elementary form, is:

  1. Ask the Father to gather the generations to be healed.
  2. Commanding any evil spirits to leave and any bondages to these generations be broken
  3. Forgiving the people of these generations up into the hands of the Just Father.
  4. Asking Jesus to forgive us whatever evil we have done toward them.
  5. Claiming Jesus' torture and death for our sins and His resurrection for our eternal lives.
  6. Asking Jesus to bless those who died untimely deaths or were aborted and take them home.
  7. Asking Jesus for healing for the living.  (Often, healing is blocked until the above is taken care of.)

The objection to this service by Catholic priests with a rebuttal.


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