Hinduism Branches
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The following religions are based upon falsehood and can slowly mutate. This is acceptable to Satan; he uses truth and falsehood, good and evil, so he can do more harm to God's creatures.

Original Hinduism
There is but one reality, Brahman
All human and animal spirits came from Brahman and will eventually return to Brahman
The world is all illusion.  It can be modified by human and animal divinity.
We are damned to a reincarnation of suffering until release of all Karmic bondages of the earth (Maya).
We are released from Karma by meditation & chanting, devotional poses, drawing Prana and good deeds.
Transcendental Meditation branch
Recite the name of a Hindu "god" continually and meditate twice a day.
Idol worship of Guru Dev, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's teacher.
Gnosticism branch
Jesus is an ascended master, Jehovah is an evil master and the Holy Spirit is Brahman.
There are "Immortal Ones" who sent Jehovah and Jesus. (Demons are immortal in the human sense.)
We are released from evil matter and reincarnation through meditation.
Truth and doctrine come from an Immortal One speaking through someone.  But they embrace truth and error.
Original Buddhism branch
Brahman is not real; the world is real
People don't have an Atman soul but their desires and feelings can be reincarnated into someone else
The goal of life is to eliminate all suffering (Nirvana) by eliminating desires and cravings.  
The "Four Noble Truths" expound upon the above.
The means to "Nirvana" is the Noble Eightfold Path of right living:
right viewpoint, right aspiration, right speech, right behavior, right occupation, right effort, right mindfulness and right meditation.
Theravada Buddhism branch
Monks are one step below release from reincarnation.  Commoners must be reincarnated to monks to have a chance to be free from reincarnation.
Mahayana Buddhism branch
Ascended people can become savior-gods.  Buddha was the first.
Zen Buddhism branch -- enlightenment comes primarily from meditation
Tantra branch -- adds animism, shamanism and occult practices
Reiki -- uses the above for occult healing
Tibetan Buddhism (sometimes called Lamaism) -- includes Tantra, shamanism and monastic discipline.  Has a system of reincarnating lamas and the vast number of demon-gods in its pantheon.
Hare Krishna branch -- adds the Hindu Krishna as an ascended master
Baha`i branch -- adds 9 ascended masters including Jesus and Mohammed.
Nichiren Shoshu branch -- Heaven & hell are two of ten states of existence.  Proselytizing helps reduce Karma.

Since none of these religions believe there's a devil or a demonic army, they readily accept the real demonic into their religion.  They give these demons worship that empowers the demons to influence the land, water, air and people around them.  They engage in mind-blanking meditation & chanting, opening themselves to the demons.  Their evangelism is to get others to do these demon-inspired things as well.

The first step in reaching them must include breaking the power of the demons around them so they are able to hear the gospel.  A demonstration of the power of God casting out their so-called gods can be convincing.

The second step is to show them how Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a man who had no karma, was tortured to death to pay off the karma for anyone who becomes one with him through asking him to come into their heart.

The real Brahman created and sustains reality and established karma by his own council and wisdom.  He needed no creatures to tell him what to do.  But he loves us so much he came up with the plan to have Jesus Christ of Nazareth free us from karma so we could have fellowship with him.  We don't know why.

May those who read this page be blessed by the true Brahman, drawn to salvation and delivered from any evil influences that blind their minds.  Amen.