Hinduism & Buddhism
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Since truth is relative in these religions, they are free to morph all they want.

Hinduism contrasted against Buddhism

Man has a soul that is part of Brahman, the collection of the souls of all people & animals.
The world is all illusory, a creation of Brahman.
rebirth as a human, animal, ghost, demon or Hindu god.

Buddhism contrasted against Hinduism

The world is real and suffering is real.  
Everything in the world is "one."  This is called "Gaia."

Hinduism adopted into Buddhism

Reincarnation cycle is compulsory and perpetuates the suffering
Karma merits and demerits toward getting out of reincarnation
Dharma duties for your station in life
Yoga and mind-blanking Meditation (added later)

Buddhism adopted into Hinduism

Buddha has been added to the Hindu pantheon