Hindu Evangelism
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Here's a way of explaining the Gospel to Hindu-influenced people that they can understand:

Your chances of eliminating your karmic burden in this life are very low no matter how hard you work at it.  Even in several lifetimes you might not make it.  But there is good news!  There is a way to finish your karma in this lifetime.  Let me explain.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth was sent to live on earth without any Karma baggage.  He had never been here in the flesh before.  He didn't accumulate any karma while he was here on earth.  In fact, he accumulated negative karma by all the good he did.  Then he was unjustly tortured to death, greatly increasing his negative karma.  He did this so anyone who became one with him would have their burden of karma zeroed out and could go to be with God forever.

We become one with Jesus Christ of Nazareth by receiving him through a prayer of faith:  "I ask Jesus to come into my life and be one with me.  I ask Jesus to take my karma.  I take him to be my Lord and Master.  Amen." 

If you did this then Jesus is in you and you are in Jesus.  Meditate upon Jesus Christ of Nazareth and read about his life in the first part of the New Testament in the Bible.  Follow his example and inner guidance in all areas of your life.  You can pray for Jesus to remove all wrong thoughts and actions from your life.  As you do so, you will go through bliss to a peace and joy which you never had before!

If you have done these things, contact us at : sysop1@orderofsaintpatrick.org

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