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Hindus say that their religion has over 300 million gods.  What they mean is everyone is a manifestation of this purported god, Brahman, and Brahman is part of every person and animal.  So, everyone is a "god."  They can theoretically change the universe by believing something hard enough.  This material world is all illusion, anyway, since the only "reality" is Brahman.

Hindus also believe that people and animals die and are physically reborn into another life on earth.  How well you live your life on earth determines the status of what you will be reborn as.  Thus you deserve whatever state you find yourself in.  The highest status you can be born into before being reabsorbed into Brahman is that of a bull.  How bad you were and what you have to work off is called "Karma."  For some reason this law can't be changed by their divine powers as "gods."

You supposedly can decrease "Karma" by learning to open yourself to the "cosmic consciousness," also called Brahman.  This is done by suppressing your thoughts and imaging yourself to be "god" within.  This supposedly draws you to be more "one" with Brahman.

1.  find out what you are, 2.  increase your sensitivity to see what you are, 3.  dispel the delusions about who & what you are, and 4.  start doing good. 

The other side of the above is to reduce your feelings, worries and thoughts about this world.  This is called "bliss."  Mind-blanking meditation leaves one spiritually vulnerable to demonic infestation.  Thus Christian evangelism to Hindus includes the fact that only we can cast out bad demons they have picked up this way.

Another way to reduce "Karma" is to do acts of charity.  But their deeds never balance out to positive.  Besides, they can 'catch up' in the next life -- which never comes.  Their hearts are never transformed, so they can't be righteous.  Their "god" can't change their heart, no matter how hard they try.

The love that Jehovah places in our hearts (by His grace through our faithful prayers based upon His promises) is impossible for them to achieve.  Love them into a hunger for the kingdom while binding the demons that veil their eyes to the true Lord Jesus.