Church Service Blessing
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Have you been to a church service where you were somewhat bored but went there out of duty?  Have you come into a church sanctuary and suddenly felt great, awestruck and like you were on Holy Ground?  What's the difference?  The Grace of God in the place.  Where does that Grace come from?  Through faith, through the prayer of faith, through a Christian praying the prayer of faith.

What kind of prayer would a Christian pray that God would answer and send His Spirit in this space?  I've done this for over a decade in several churches.  Same glorious result.  Here's a sample of what God would have me pray in the churches ahead of the service and during the service:

"Heavenly Father, I ask for the Holy Spirit to come upon this place and all the chairs in this place and anyone who comes into this building this week.  May your blessing be upon them.  May they grow in life and peace to bring transformation in their lives.  May they grow in the fruit of the Holy Spirit, spiritual maturity and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  May the Holy Spirit wrap them up with Your love.

Heavenly Father, please manifest yourself to these people in power.  Draw them to salvation.  Bind any unclean spirits upon them or their properties to silence and impotence.  Please draw them to faith and appropriate your Gifts by asking, seeking and knocking.  Please cause them to grow in goodness, that they would be eligible for Your goodness back to them.  Please cause them to grow in obedience and intercession so they would be eligible for Your promises for obedience.  Please cause them to grow in sanctification to put to death all the old nature and grow in the spirit and be able to walk in obedience.  Please cause them to grow in perseverance to learn deferred gratification and look to You for their rewards.  Please cause them to grow in godliness  and in your godly attitudes.  Please cause them to grow in Koinonia, the love of all the brethren like themselves.  You promised to bless those who do.  May your koinonia overflow in their lives into Agape, love like Yours.  

Heavenly Father, please give them the same gifts you gave your Son Jesus - wisdom, knowledge, power, discernment, prophecy and fear of the Lord.    Anoint them for ministries you would have them do.  For anyone who comes in social or physical contact, may they be drawn toward salvation and any unclean spirits upon them be bound to silence & impotence at that moment.  Heavenly Father, anoint them for leadership and discipling. 

I praise you.  I bless you. May your Holy Spirit come upon this place and its environment.  I command any demons in this place and environment to leave now and go to where the lord Jesus would send you.  Give these people a hunger and wisdom for revival to break out all around here.  Holy Spirit, flood this place with Your presence.  Flood this place with Your presence.  Radiate out from this place to the community."   Etc.

Keep Kleenex handy for new comers, atheists and Southern Baptists.

edited: April 21, 2017