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The kanji (Japanese symbols) for Rei-Ki:
The Rei, transliterated, means rain/things/shaman. It has 13 definitions, two of which are "rainmaker" and "shaman".
The Ki, (a.k.a., "chi" & "qi") transliterated, means breath/rice. Rice in Japanese is sometimes a synonym for people. It has 4 definitions, two of which are "invisible life force" (soul) and "material force of the universe" (the Buddhist mother earth "god" that includes all animal & human life on earth).
In general, the best definition of this is Shaman Power.

An earliest kanji for Rei-Ki was simply the picture of a shaman.

Rei-ki Ryoho came from Japanese Buddhism.


Reiki has sacred symbols. The Power symbol, the Mental/Emotional symbol, the Distant symbol and the Master symbol. When a Reiki practitioner draws, thinks about or visualizes a symbol it will instantly connect to the energies (demons) it represents.  This is also true of witchcraft.

Each of the four Usui Reiki symbols has an accompanying Japanese mantra/phrase - frequently referred to as a jumon ('spell' or 'incantation'). 
The jumon accompanying Symbol 1 is: "Choku Rei."  This means, "Put all the power of the Universe here."  
The jumon accompanying Symbol 2 is: "sei he ki" (or "sei heiki.")  This means, "Mental calmness or unconcern" which is the definition of bliss. 
Symbol 3 is the jumon: "Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen."  This means, "May the Buddha in me connect to the Buddha in you to promote harmony and peace."  Casting this symbol allows sending power at a distance.  
Symbol 4 is the jumon: "dai k my."  This means, "Great Being of the Universe Shine on Me."

The Tibetans have added a Reiki jumon.  This jumon is:"Dai Ko Myo" or "Dumo."  This means, "Connects the body and the mind in order to grow spiritually."

The hands are positioned over numerous "chakra" points and "acupuncture" points that represent various things that need healing. The "acupuncture" points are spots over "'meridians" that "chi" flows through. The hands are in the "auras" that the "chakras" emanate. For young Reikists there is no effect without the laying on of hands.

Shamanism relies on unclean spirits as "guides" for information and power. This is what Rei-Ki depends upon, as well.

The treatment that is given is the laying on of hands. (an excellent way of conferring unclean spirits)  It is notable that one cannot really "do" rei-ki until a "rei-ki master" lays hands on YOU. It is notable that the subject ends up sick for a time after the initiation.

Here's how to make your own crystal talismans using rei-ki.

Buddhist Shamans can send "power" (demons) to people by a means that is too esoteric for this post.


Here's the cooked history of Rei-Ki by Dr Hayashi and Mrs. Takata.  They barely knew anything about Christianity or English when they wrote the following history of Usui:

"Reiki was formed by a Japanese Christian Monk who traveled the world healing people.  He studied with Catholics in Rome.  In their priesthood, his teacher, a priest, taught him Jesus' healing method, "the St. Lukes Healing Method," [unknown in all Christianity] and he used his own laying on of hands method, by saying prayers before the session of laying on of hands over or on a person who was needing healing and afterward he would do another prayer to heal and seal a person in God' love and light." [The story coming through Dave Kings' contacts in Japan is that Usui was Buddhist. This gives credence to the claim that the "Christian" angle was added during Dr Hayashi's trip to Hawaii to make it more acceptable to the Christian audiences in America.]

"Dr. Mikao Usui was a Christian minister in Japan, though Japanese. He was the head of a Christian Boys School in Japan. One day some of the students asked him if he believed in the miracles which Jesus did (healing, etc). Being a Christian minister he answered "Yes". They asked if he knew how Jesus had done this, "No" he said. With this he resolved to find the way in which Jesus had healed. [To a Christian, it would be obvious -- by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus was not using magic tricks.] This immediately set him on a journey of many years. Studying first at Christian schools in the US, for where else to learn of Jesus, but with no results."  [highly unlikely]

"This took more years studying at a Tibetan monastery. [see Tibetan Buddhism] Nowhere could he find the answers. [not surprising.] After a few more years of study, he felt he had come to an understanding and that to go further required in depth meditation. [Mind-blanking meditation is a excellent way to receive a demon.] He declared to the monks of this monastery his intention to fast and meditate for 21 days at a nearby mountain and that if he did not come back they should come and get his body."

"He went to the mountain and gathered 21 stones with which to count the days. Each day he would throw away a stone and in this way count the time. On the 20th day nothing had come as yet and he threw away the last stone saying "Well, this is it, either I get the answer tonight or I do not". In the night on the horizon he could see a ball of light coming towards him. The first instinct was to get out of the way, but he realized this might just be what he was waiting for, so allowed it to hit him right in the forehead. As it struck him he was taken on a journey and shown bubbles of all the colors of the rainbow in which were the symbols of Reiki, the very same symbols in the Tibetan writings he was studying but had been unable to understand. Now as he looked at them again, there was total understanding." [There are extremely few Christian Tibetan writings, even today. Each of the Buddhist "chakras" has its own representative color.]

"After returning from this experience he began back down the mountain and was, from this moment on, able to heal. This first day alone he healed a broken toe-nail, his own starvation, an ailing tooth and the Abbot's sickness which was keeping him bedridden. These are known as the first four 'miracles'."

"He wanted to use these abilities to help others, he spent the next seven years in the beggars section of Tokyo healing the poor and sick people there, sending them to a priest to assist finding them employment, and elevating them out of poverty. After the seven years he noticed familiar faces, those of people whom he'd healed long ago who were back again. Asking them, they complained that life outside Beggartown was too hard and that it was much simpler to beg for a living. They had thrown away the gift of health, as if it had no value, to return to the supposed comfort of the life they knew."

"This threw Usui into a quandary and he returned to the monastery. From this he realized he hadn't taught gratitude along with the healing. That he'd focused on the physical ailments without dealing with the spiritual matters. The people did not understand the value of the gift he gave them."

"Dr. Usui returned to the [Tibetan] monastery for further reflection and planning. After some time in the monastery he developed precepts. In this new plan he traveled around the countryside from village to village. In each one he stood in a public place during the day holding aloft a lit torch. When people told him he didn't need a torch in daylight, he answered was he was looking for the few who are interested in improving themselves. In this way he traveled around teaching and healing, working both with the spiritual healing as well as physical healing."


A person's soul has very limited spiritual power. I know, because three decades ago I trained up my soul power to do all sorts of things. But unclean spirits don't have our limitations. In witchcraft, spirits are sent out to do things for us. In sorcery and shamanism, familiar spirits are invited in, to augment our natural soul power. Either way, it is a Faustian bargain. The devil hates you and is only using you.

Working with the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ is pure, holy and righteous with no side effects. The more we trust in Jehovah, the more He takes care of us.

A book called "The Biblical Guide to Alternative Medicine" by Neil Anderson has a passage covering Rei-Ki on pages 243 & 244. It is short, but accurate. I would recommend getting the book as a resource on ALL the areas of New Age medicine.

May those who read this page be blessed with faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

edited: April 21, 2017