Remove Kundalinis & Kriyas
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Remove Kundalinis & Kriyas
This is impossible to do unless you are a Christian - but it is easy for a Christian to do it!  Here's how:

Chakras, chi points and Meridians are based on the Kundalini cluster of demons in a person. Kriyas are based upon the laying on of hands by someone designated to pass it along.

1. "I command all demons around me or my groups to leave now in Jesus' name."
2. "I unstack the clusters, Kundalinis, Aum, Crowns, powers, principalities, false gods and false "jesus" of demons in (this person) down to elementary demons.  I break all unrighteous soul ties, sex ties and autonomic nervous ties."
3. "I break the empowerments and assignments given these demons in (this person) through breathing, chanting, drumming, dancing, mind-blanking, sacrifices, demon worship and submission."
4. "I command these demons, especially "Aum" and the elementary demons to leave now and go directly and immediately to where the true Lord Jesus Christ would send you."
5. "I bless (this person's) breathing through their nose and mouth, so no demon can enter through them."

"I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of God in Heaven.  Amen."

This takes less than a minute to do.  It can be done at any range.  It can be used for a large number of people simultaneously.

edited:  October 01, 2017