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Christianized Yoga

Since Christianity is exclusive, opening our minds to receive more spirits is unacceptable.  Yoga is not prayer.
Playing Christian background music and praying prayers to Jesus doesn't sanctify the subsequent Yoga.
The Hindu "Jesus":
Hinduism has added Jesus to their list of Ascended Masters as someone who can help you deal with Karma.  Mahatma Gandhi followed Jesus while being a devout Hindu.  He did not receive Jesus Christ of Nazareth as his only savior and master.

The attempt to Christianize Hindu and Buddhist practices:

An alternative to yoga was developed by a Yoga instructor who became a Christian:

Yoga Origins

According to The Yoga Tradition by Georg Feuerstein:  "Some scholars have suggested that Yoga grew directly out of Shamanism, but this is difficult to prove.  While Yoga contains shamanic elements, it absorbed many other teachings as well.  According to Michael Harner, the transition from Shamanism to Yoga occurred at the time of the early city states to the East, when shamans were suppressed by the representatives of the official religion.  In order to avoid detection, they had to cease drumming loudly and instead elaborated quiet methods of altering consciousness.  Out of this, in Harner's reconstruction of ancient history, evolved the tradition of Yoga."  This is why Yoga is used with several demon-based religions.

Hinduism, the biggest user of Yoga

The eight stages into Hinduism are, in order, the yamas (restrictions), niyamas (observances), asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), pratyahara (sense withdrawal or non-attachment), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (realization of the true Self or Atman, and unity with Brahman (The Hindu Concept of God)).

The Yamas

The ten moral codes.  They are basically doing no harm, eating a vegetarian diet, being compassionate and cleansing crying for sorrow.  There's nothing positive or negative about these. 

The Niyamas

The ten positive codes.  These almost parallel Christian ethics, except for the wrong god.  There is a lot of control given to the guru.  There is the chanting of mantras to open your natural defenses.  There is exposing your body to extremes to subdue it.

The Asanas (Postures)

Each of the poses in Yoga have religious and spiritual significance.  Each of the poses have a blessing attached.  They were created by Hindu priests as a means of dispelling Karma and becoming "one" with the Hindu god, Brahman.  Again, unfortunately, Brahman doesn't exist.  This is a Satanic idea, just as much as carrying a rabbit's foot for good luck.  Demonic blessing is counter to God's blessing.

Yoga is not exercise:

Yoga poses are demon inspired.  It was created with demonic inspiration. summary & links on yoga

Drawing Prana through breath procedures

Breathing practices of Yoga are supposedly a means of drawing power from "Prana," ALL or Brahman to control mind and body.  Since there isn't a "Brahman", the "power" is coming from beings called demons.  There is no control over what demon is received.  Fortunately, they can all be cast out by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  

This practice comes from demonic advice and therefore opens a demonic permission.  This can be dealt with by confession of sin, renunciation and absolution. 

Controlling "Prana" through breath exercises:


The Withdrawal of Mind or 'Mano pratyahara', is practiced by consciously withdrawing attention from anything that is unwholesome, and distracting for the mind such as by withdrawing attention from the senses, and directing it inwards.  Shutting down the physical senses involves self-hypnosis.


The meditator is not aware that s/he is meditating but is only aware that s/he exists (consciousness of being), and aware of the object of meditation.  The mind is brought to a halt.  This is deep self-hypnosis.  The natural barrier of the soul is completely down.  This is considered to be an instrument to gain self knowledge, separating mind from reality to help attain the ultimate goal of "oneness."  The source of the "self" knowledge is demonic.

The Meditation of Dhyana

Yoga is a meditative behavior.  The meditation is done for gaining union between man and humanity (as an entity); between his lower self and the higher "self" (that is one with the whole); between themselves and Brahman (the whole); and the union of all existence in Brahman.  This is what is meant by Yoga.  Each of these aspects of the "union" are to bring you to the Hindu theology that "ALL is one and one is ALL."  

The logical consequences of this theology are:

  1.  We are part of God or Brahman, so we can exercise divine powers over this universe.  All we have to do is speak it into being and believe it hard enough to make it come to pass.
  2. Believing this concept helps ascend in Karma so we can stop reincarnating and finally disappear into the ALL, the Brahman.  There are no rewards in this heaven except the end of suffering by the end of existence.
  3. Following Ascended Masters like Mitra, Zoroastrian or "Jesus": will help us with Karma to get to our final end.

The spiritual consequences of this behavior are these:

  1. In engaging in mind-blanking meditation where we open ourselves to this fictional Brahman, we are spiritually opening ourselves up and inviting demons into our soul.  And you don't know how big or small those demons are going to be.
  2. This is engaging in devotion to a god that is totally unlike the Jehovah of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  This is idolatry in the face of the jealous God of the universe and must be renounced.  The modified "Jesus" cannot forgive sins (or bypass Karma) by his sacrifice, nor rise from the dead..
  3. In trying to exercise divine powers as though they were inherently our own, we are idolizing ourselves.  We must renounce it.  The gifts and authority of the Holy Spirit are temporarily given to us while we are here.  Jehovah doesn't answer all our prayers.  He gives us faith when the answer comes, not the other way around.
  4. We will have all eternity as individuals to think about the choices we made, whether in heaven or in hell.  For there is no second chance.  And our works cannot save us.
  5. Obeying demonic advice is indirect submission to the demonic author.  This leaves a permission for demons to come and go, until it is renounced. 

mind-blanking meditation  

The religious nature of Yoga


The knowledge of I am, this consciousness, which is sitting in meditation and is meditating on itself.  The person becomes aware of their godhood (within the confines of their own minds).  Insanity is complete.  The perfection of the yoga system means when you are in Samadhi, you are always thinking of the Vishnu form of deity within your heart, without being disturbed.  Delusion of grandeur.

Yoga variations - still vulnerable to exorcizing their Kundalini.

Rapid Eye Therapy
Energy Medicine
Energy Psychology

The Christian church is being seduced by this religion from the worldly culture we live in.  No defenses or warnings are being offered from the pulpits.  Hindu evangelism like this is unopposed.

Reference materials:
Handbook of Today's Religions by Josh McDowell and Don Stewart
The Biblical Guide to Alternative Medicine by Dr. Neil Anderson and Dr. Michael Jacobson
Occult Practices and Beliefs by Rev. Kurt Koch

How to evangelize yogi's:

For further information see:

Warning to Humanists

Because your world view doesn't believe in the supernatural, metaphysical or mystical (whatever you want to call it), you are still not safe to practice it.  Your mind is subtly altered in ways; others may be the only ones who see it.  This means your identity is becoming different.  You are blithely experimenting with your "self" at a profound level.  "You" are being diminished.

revised: April 21, 2017