Angel Accounts
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Angel Accounts

My father had "feelings" and I had "voices".  I don't know what my mother or sister had in the way of experiences.

In World War 2, my father was in the Army Air Force in a office building in London.  One day he felt a feeling to get behind the desk.  He told his secretary to do the same.  A supersonic V-2 blew up the building across the street.  All the windows blew in.  He recalled little shards of glass stuck in the wall on the other side of the room.  And screaming of people who had been facing the windows.

At an Air Force base in America one day he felt like going to the control tower at the runway.  He hadn't before.  As they showed him how it all worked, a plane came in with a malfunction and crashed on the runway.  They couldn't contact the commanding officer, so my father became the ad hoc commanding officer and gave the orders to quickly handle the crisis.  There were other planes that had to come down.
As a fallen away Christian, I was doing things I shouldn't have.  One evening, I went to a store to pick up supplies.  While I did so, I picked up a pencil and stuck it in my pocket.  At the cash register, I presented the goods.  There was a pause.  Someone shouted inside me to take the pencil out of my pocket.  Surprised, I took it out and paid for it.  Looking around there were two big shop keeps standing nearby, staring at me.  That one pencil would have changed my life if I hadn't.  I don't know who shouted at me.

I only had one account of seeing an angel.  I was helping put on a prayer service for breaking generational curses as I had for years.  But this time my wife was going through the process.  As we burned the generational sheets for the people who had gone through this, I looked up - and there was a seven-foot tall angel with wings behind the group.  It startled me, but the angel was just watching the fire.  Since he was minding his business, I was minding my business.  After a bit, I recalled some generational sheets that had been mailed in inside, so I went to fetch them.  When I stepped out, the angel was gone.  Later, I realized the angel had been sent for me as a hint that God was really doing something at these generational prayer services.

I keep forgetting the One who looks after me, getting all tied up with looking after myself and getting near nervous breakdown.  He is there, even if I stupidly try to be my own lord out of distrust.


edited: May 31, 2017