Sneak Attacks
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Sneak Attacks

The church I go had three "roaring lion" attacks by occult groups on our pastors and church.  They attracted exorcists who blew off the demons and then attacked the occult groups with exorcism.  They stopped that mode of attack!  

The church and pastor then had four "snake-in-the-grass" attacks. That's where the attack is not against the people but against the Bible and for Hinduism.

The first was a Christian trainer who wanted to teach small group leadership. I went to the group because I was suspicious.  Sure enough, she went into a trance and hypnotized the class. She then went into teaching that "meditation" in the Bible was referring to Hindu mind-blanking (transcendental) meditation, drawing chi demons into themselves.  I busted her trance in the middle of it, but there were shills in the room who restored her trance.  Since the staff were in the room, under trance, I had to go to the pastor and explain what happened and what was wrong with it. A Christian hypno-robot.

The second one was an attack of sickness against the pastor immediately before the service - on three occasions.  I smelled a rat and attacked the group that had done that to him.

The third was called "The Daniel Fast" that a nationally famous pastor got from unbelievers and passed on to the Christian community.  It was based upon Daniel 1 where Daniel objected to his diet and was given another diet for the rest of his life.  Our pastor considered it a good idea and pushed it on us.  I told people this was not a "fast" in the Bible.  I got attacked for not going with the program.  My confession was "I submit myself to the dictionary the Bible translators used."  (Cults spring up by redefining words in the Bible to fit their new theology.)  They finally backed off from this program.

The fourth was a fellow who presented himself as a prior pastor who got a doctorate and awards for teaching church leadership.  His biography says he had prophecies where God steered him into doing this. He has been given clearance to teach everyone on the church staff.  I went to one of the first courses he taught.

I became suspicious when he used a modified Myers-Briggs to help teach dealing with various temperaments.  He bragged his tae-quon-do group of kids won state championship.  Bells went off.  Martial arts training always start off with Transcendental Meditation, the same thing Yoga classes start with.  It is a way to get people to draw demons into themselves through inhaling and plant the demons in a cluster on exhaling.  

Years ago I was asked by an occultist for deliverance because he had inhaled a BIG demon!  I cleaned up a homeless man who was paranoid schizophrenic by shutting down the demons on him and ripping the Kundalini cluster out of his back through a special deliverance.  He is now sane and going to church.

Since I am not on staff at my church, I don't know what he is teaching.  People come under demonic influence by submitting to demonic advice from another person.  That's what got Adam & Eve in trouble, listening to Satan. He's probably safe, because I have been using the special deliverance for him.


edited: April 19, 2017