Preparation for Prayer
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I renounce the devil and all his ways & advice, worldviews & attitudes, images & impressions, identities & personalities, direct and indirect.
I dedicate myself to Yahweh in Heaven through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to seek & follow His will & ways in all areas of my life.  Thank You for being with me always.
I renounce self-sovereignty, independence, revenge, self-guidance, idolatry, self-protection, self-provision and human-esteem in thought, word and deed.
I break the empowering & assignments given to all unclean spirits on or affecting me, my extended family, our friends, our properties and organizations and environments in Jesus' name.  I command these unclean spirits to leave now and go to where the true Lord Jesus would send you.
Jesus, please manifest yourself to my spirit that I might know Your will and sense Your presence in clarity.  Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.  Amen.

edited: April 19, 2017