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Mature Only

The following pages are for those who have good divine guidance and discernment.  If you don't, these theories will merely blow your mind and do you no good.  Consider this a doctoral level class in spiritual warfare.

The first page deals with how occultists work in our world.  This wisdom sharpens our discernment and gives us tools to defeat them all the easier.  It explains occult attacks, witchcraft attacks, shaman attacks, demonic religion attacks and attacks through compromised Christians in the church.  It goes into demonized personas.

My theory of occult attacks

The second page deals with divine and demonic spiritual power in general.  It covers all the attacks above in a general concept.  It explains how we as Christians can take a spiritual offensive position.  Again, this is a mind-blower if you aren't spiritually mature.

My theory of Spiritual Power

The occultist's power through the demons is puny compared to the authority we call upon through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  But "ye have not because ye ask not."  So the occultists operate in guerilla warfare mode, hitting us wherever we aren't looking.  They expect us to be too lazy, busy or ignorant to cover our environment with prayer, blessing and deliverance.  Usually they are right.

The Origin of Ghosts

Don't say I didn't warn you.  If you have questions, contact:

--  Tim Temple