Reasons Why We Believe
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Our Faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God the Father and the Holy Spirit is reasonable and worthy of our trust.  We can be sane and happy!

1.  Tim Temple's testimony

2.  Great Bible Prophecies

3.  An all-powerful God and evil in the world

4.  Tough Questions and Answers

5.  Do Humans have souls?  

6.  Atheist arguments  

7.  Humanist Religion flaws 

We infer that humans physiologically similar to ourselves have been around for at least 50,000 yrs, yet it is only recently that we have become aware of a wide array of natural phenomena. From this, we can infer that much of reality is not easily accessible to our perceptions.

Because much of what we have recently observed is comprehensible only by appeals to metaphors based on our scale of reality as we scientifically apprehend it, we can infer that our understanding of reality is intrinsically constrained. If we refuse to accept our interactions with other dimensions outside of the usual four, we can't find out reality.

Because we are finding it increasingly difficult to understand reality at the quantum scale (much less the Plank scale...) we can infer that we may have inherent logical limitations that will prevent us from exploring reality beyond a certain scale. The law of diminishing returns, and all that...

Because we know that many ideologies are utterly unable to apprehend aspects of reality that we can apprehend, we can reasonably infer that we too are utterly unable to apprehend certain aspects of reality.

Thus there will always be room for "God," "heaven" and "hell."  The Christians can do a lot that can't be explained by our conventional science by going beyond our limitations.