Coping with Disaster
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Coping with Disaster

One of the church's specialties is the healing of traumatic, emotional wounds that people carry after a personal disaster like hurricane, flood, earthquake, financial collapse, riot, etc..  Another specialty is physical healing of major & minor illnesses by the grace of God.  We also offer emotional support, as does any church.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Disaster Related Stress
The Disaster Anniversary
Dealing with Chronic Crisis
Children and Disaster
What to do on the worst day of your life
Coping with lost income

Learning to Live through Loss

Grief and the Mourning Process
Grief and the Mourning Process, 2
Friends Indeed: a course in helping (209KB)
Understanding How Men Grieve
For Teenagers:  Facing the loss of someone you love
Helping Children Understand Death (104KB)
Job Loss Triggers Grief
Eating pets

All of the PDF files above were written under Kellogg grants with the understanding that they would be public domain.  They are all under 100 kilobytes unless otherwise indicated.

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Disaster Training

Proverbs 27 teaches about having barter goods and services available in case wealth and power fail you.  Get a useful third world means of barter.
Police Volunteer training for helping the police in disasters 
The book, The Unthinkable  Who survives when disaster strikes -- and why by Amanda Ripley.   The Conclusions chapter at the end is worth the price of the book.
God's Plan in the Coming Depression by David Wilkerson, a true Christian prophet.  The book is out of print but it is still available used.