Church Prayer Service
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Prayer meeting, Wednesday at 7 P.M. for two hours

Christ Cares Christian and Missionary Alliance Church
Pastor Rothapel Ranola coordinating
Most of the prayer topics were prayed for by different individuals.
They were trying to follow the Lordís Prayer as topics.

Three songs for 15 minutes
An elder teaches from the Bible for 20 minutes

A song
Pray for the city and the city government. Pray for the city's churches.

A song
Pray for America.
Pray for the world.

Video update on denomination's mission in one area.
Pray for all the denominationís missions.

A song
Pray in general for the sick and social problems of the members in this church.
Pray for salvation requests.

A song
Pray for members on specific birthday and anniversary sheets.
Pray for the prayer request pages by scattering them among us.
Pray for the prayer ministersí problems

A song
Pray for our forgiveness for our sins.
Pray for the churchís goals.

A song
Pray for the church's services.
Pray for those who sit in the church's chairs. 

edited:  April 28, 2017