Protect yourself against demonic spirits
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How to protect yourself against demonic spirits

The first rule is either be a Christian or have a close friend who is a Christian.  Otherwise, the demonic spirits own the show.  They are wiser and more powerful than you - and they want to keep you from Jesus Christ, lie to you, give you delusions of grandeur, force you to give them soul power, destroy you and drag you to Hell.  In Hell, they will enjoy tormenting you because you bear the spiritual image of God whom they absolutely despise.  They have special fun with Satanists who believed they were friends with the demonic spirits.  They were just "useful idiots."

To avoid being cooped up with demonic spirits forever, try this:  The Plan

Once you have become a Christian, you have Authority of the Holy Spirit to command these demonic spirits.  But you need to set up defenses from them.  They have now become your enemy. 

You have given them permissions to come & go into your soul.  Each of those permissions must be renounced.  The behavior you engaged in must be considered as sin and rejected of.  Any demons in residence in your soul must be told to leave & never come back.

You have brought demons into your environment in two ways.  Some properties have demons in them.  These are called "charms." The demonic spirits can be told to leave them. Some are demonic religious objects that are given worship far away in some temple.  They need to be gotten rid of since they are regularly reloaded with demonic spirits.  These are called "idols."  You or someone else could have sent demons into your dwelling, your building, the air, the ground, the underground and the neighborhood.  Again, the demonic spirits can be told to leave them. 

Unfortunately, some of Satan's "Useful Idiots" are sending out demonic spirits against Satan's targets.  You may have to re-clean everything if you become a target.  Fortunately, they can be stopped by praying for them, including them in deliverance and even divinely blessing them.  You don't know who all is "persecuting" you, but the angels do, so just address your prayer to "those who are working or conspiring against me."  Suddenly, no more demonic spirits coming your way.

If that doesn't get rid of the demonic spirits, They may be hopping around in a "soul tie."  This is formed by the laying on of hands, sex, holding hands in a circle, staring into someone else's eyes, etc.  Just break the soul ties by the authority of the Holy Spirit to stop them from hopping away from you.

They may be in an organization and not just a person.  Prayer & deliverance for the person only won't do it. You need to go after all the organizational levels above the person all the way up to Satanism.  End of that story.

Things that don't work:  You have the colossal  power of the Holy Spirit; don't try to use demonic or unholy "aids" for the Holy Spirit.  Chanting anything can eventually start opening your soul to demonic spirits.  Using a witch's "circle of light" prayer counters the Christian prayer you have already used.  Big time bad.  Praying to Archangel Michael gets you in trouble with our jealous God who has told us not to do that sort of thing.  The "Prayer of Jabez" is simply a blessing of yourself, and it can end up with you becoming self-centered.  The Lord's prayer starts with Praying for God first, not for ourselves first.  A St. Benedict medal is useless unless it was a medal that St. Benedict himself made.  Fat chance.  Praying to Mary the mother of god won't work; The Christian Mary was just a Christian and the Bible doesn't have a "mother of god." 

Things that do work, sorta.  Since the Holy Spirit dwells in you, you can bless things small and large.

Holy Water

Blessed oil, salt or sand

Prayer Shawls

Have fun getting to know your new Daddy.  Get a Bible and read the New Testament part through a couple of times.  Ask Him for Gifts of the Holy Spirit to go along with the Authority. Contact us if you want pointers.

edited:  04/21/2017