Occult Cleanup

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Occult Cleanup
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Occult Cleanup
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Practical sanctification

"Sanctification" means "setting ourselves apart" or separating ourselves from our old nature and life.  This online forms will help you get self-control and peace.  They will shut the doors to Satan's permissions to come & go in your life.

Here's a list of occult involvements and New Age sins that you or your family or your ancestors engaged in.  The curses and demons from these can come down the family line, so their sins must be rejected as well.  See This Link.  Print this off and check off what applies.  Then use this cleanup page that cleans up the above.

Here's a reminder list sins and traumas that need to be rejected, to be free of them.  Then use this cleanup page that cleans up the above.

This is effective, but you may need someone to join you in this journey.


Sanctification of

When you start a "new life", you are putting the prior life on pause.  It is still there.  It is not an alter personality or a split personality.  It is the persona that made all sorts of agreements and sins that you just put behind you.  If you become a Christian, get married or join the military you start a new "life" that we are talking about.  

But the prior life still can hop out and express itself at any time.  We need to deal with the baggage that's in those old lives to be free to live for Christ.  Jesus said, "If any man would follow me, let him deny himself, pick up his cross and then follow me."

Print off the following forms and sign all the names you went by or nicknames that described the old lives.

The prayer for confession and salvation ensures all parts of you agree to salvation.

We need to renounce all generational curses that have passed down to us.

We need to have Jesus deal with the traumas that we can't handle, lest they stack up on us & kill us.

Here's a prayer for dedication of all those sub-personalities.

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