Oriental Demonic Power
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Chi is sometimes referred to as Qi, Ki, Tae or Prana.

Most martial arts practitioners have some idea about the concept of Chi energy. Chi is thought to be the natural energy of the Universe, which permeates everything. Chi has many names. To the kung fu and tai chi practitioners of China it is known as "Chi," but different philosophies and cultures call it by different names. To the traditional Chinese Qi Gong practitioners, it is known as "Qi." Japanese and Korean martial arts and religions call it "Ki." Metaphysical science calls it "vital force." The Indian and Hindu yogis call it "Prana." New Age thinkers call it "cosmic energy" or "vibrations."  To Christians, it is the animistic understanding of the unclean spirits that wander through the world.  These unclean spirits owe allegiance to the king of this world, Satan.  As proof, they can be cast out by the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  "Chi" is not God the Holy Spirit who intelligently created and sustains the universe. Worshipping "Chi" is not prayer to the God of the universe.

One secret to gathering "Chi" resides in breathing.  Meditative breathing in and out through the nose is a method that enables the body to process Chi energy effectively.  Basically, when they inhale, they picture bringing Chi into their body, along with bringing in fresh oxygen.  By exhaling through the nose, they picture themselves transferring it to the dan tien or hara, located about three finger widths below the umbilicus. With each breath they take in, more Chi enters the body and circles down to the dan tien, growing stronger and stronger.  

 Demon-augmented people are stronger, but they are also demon-owned.  And they don't know how big a demon they may call into themselves.  I've been asked to do deliverance by some of these unfortunate souls.

Practitioners of martial arts, like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Kung Fu, Feng Shui, Tae Chi, etc., need to absorb and process the Chi that they get while breathing in order to generate the power and force for the techniques they practice.  Demonized people are known to have the strength of ten men.  But the cost is the demons gain influence over their mind and soul.  They and their offspring will show symptoms of occult side effects.  The demons they collect are under the authority of Jesus and Christians who are found in Christ.  We Christians can command the demons to "freeze" and the demonized person finds himself frozen.  I've seen it done.

Since so much of their power is demonic, the puniest of Christians can stop them with the command of faith through the true Lord Jesus.  Just say, "Stop, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth."  In order to get through to them, say, "I bind these demons to silence & impotence in the name of the true lord Jesus."  You can then share the gospel with them.  If they wish to be free from these demons, using the spiritual cleanup sheet will take care of that.  

They need to renounce considering breathing as analogous to receiving Chi.  Submitting to advice of someone who is demonized causes an indirect submission to the demon -- a permission for demons to influence you.  It lasts the rest of your life or until you renounce it

Here's evidence that we Christians can use the Holy Spirit authority in this way.

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