The Order of Saint Patrick

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We are Protestant Christians with a dash of Celtic and a wee pinch of Catholic.

Saint Patrick was quite successful at winning converts in Ireland.  And this fact upset the Celtic Druids who dominated the region.  Patrick was arrested several times, but escaped each time.  In a spiritual power encounter at Tara, he defeated the druid high priest.  This started the conversion of all Ireland.  His Celtic-model church and monasteries finished the job. See how his church worked.

Today, our culture is becoming occult and druid once again, because we Christians of today have forgotten our early Christian roots.  Saint Patrick preached the gospel, healed the sick and cast out devils, just like Jesus of Nazareth and all the apostles did.  We are called by Jesus to preach the gospel with signs and wonders following, just like we did in the early centuries when we turned the world upside down. We are supporting Christian Ministries unpaid.

Our Mission:  To follow Saint Patrick's example, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth with signs and wonders following.

Christian Blessing
Understanding Blessings  
Be a Blessing
How to bless a church service

Real praise to God

Wisdom for Unbelievers:
Why I am no longer an Atheist

Proof that God answers prayers

Reasons for our Faith
Occult Cleanup
New Age Cleanup
Was Jesus a Humanist?
Who Killed Jesus Christ?
Why does God allow suffering?!?
Sovereign God vs. Evil
Real Reincarnation

Revival of Christianity
How to have a Revival  
Another look at Revival
A third look at Revival
Revival Community
Billy Graham Revival steps

World Change Through Prayer

Christian Maturity
Spiritual Maturity
Spiritual Maturity Summary

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Satan Flees

Supporting Christian Ministries:
Facilitating a Bible Study / Discussion

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Christian Healing
Giant Prayer Chain for Protestants and Catholics

Christian Healing

Healing of Relationships 
Healing prayer for Cancer
Healing Autoimmune diseases
Healing of Hurts of Your Past
Healing Damaged Chromosomes
Healing Generational curses
Medical Malpractice
Dealing with a Pandemic
Silver Colloid medicine

Bad Times
Save People Going Bad 
Dealing with Disaster
Current Events
Anti-Christian Times
America`s Possible Future

Cut Free from Work

Authority in the name of Jesus
Gifts, Ministries and Authority of Holy Spirit
Can a Christian have a demon?
Protestant Deliverance
Roman Catholic Exorcism
Self-Deliverance Prayers

Christian Warfare
Warfare Index
Christians and War
Christian Principles from Warfare
War Stories
Church Defense
brief spiritual warfare
Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual Mapping 

Blessed Objects for healing
Making Blessed Oil
Making Catholic Holy Water
Making Healing Prayer Shawls

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Evolution Fraud



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Saint Patrick
The Breastplate of St. Patrick 
The "Confessio" of St. Patrick
The "Epistola" of St. Patrick

A lengthy account of the life of Saint Patrick 
Another account of Saint Patrick 

Christians and Sex
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Attitudes of Sin

Christian Guidance
Mueller`s Divine Guidance
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H.S. Gifts for Guidance
MacArthur`s Bible Guidance
Mark Virkler's Guidance

How to protect yourself against demonic spirits

Needless Casualties

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The British Royal Order of Saint Patrick
(discontinued in 1974)

If you like what's on the internet, download it.  You may lose your access to it in anti-Christian times. Search for "import webpages". Keep it on a MicroSD card that fits in Android and smaller phones. 1 gigabyte is enough. Keep it out of your phones unless you wish to show it to someone in private.

As George Orwell said, "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." 

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